About Us

     We like to think of ourselves as a fun family company!  To understand how we got here, you need to know where this all started. My name is René, I'm a mom & was living life like most other people in 2002.  That changed when Alicia, my youngest daughter, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 6.   After 13 months of intense treatment, Alicia won her battle & conquered her cancer.  We were Blessed & grateful for her successful outcome & wanted to do something good.

      The Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer http://www.honeysucklefoundation.org is our answer & was founded as a way to give back & help others.  We believe that gratitude doesn't really mean a lot if you don't share it, & since 2003 we have worked to provide resources & assistance to  psycho-social programs for kids with cancer around the US.  I even wrote a book about our experience called Alicia's Updates A Mother's Memoir of Pediatric Cancer https://www.amazon.com/Alicias-Updates-Mothers-Memoir-Pediatric/dp/1441543678.  My book ended up being translated into Japanese & is used at the University of Tokyo Hospital's Pediatric Oncology Department for newly diagnosed patients!

     So this brings us to Bee-Causes & why you are here.  As the years passed, enthusiasm & support waned for our charity.  This happens to grassroots non-profits as time passes & our own lives were changing. Graduations, relocations, jobs, marriages & the passage of time, we needed a new easier way to raise money & awareness for our beloved Honeysuckle.   My daughters Lauren, Alicia & I brainstormed & researched how could charities elevate their awareness & fundraising programs, yet what's something that would appeal to a consumer?  Bee-Causes was born & our Bee-Polished Awareness Nail Enamel checked all our required boxes.    Our Bee-Causes business model is philanthropic, we donate 10% of all sales retail & wholesale to charity.

     Bee-Polished is being used not only by charities & groups, even businesses wanting a philanthropic clean beauty product (yes we are cruelty-free, ten-free & made in the USA) are adding our nail enamel to their stores.   Bee-Polished is a good that gives back & that's a win/win!  What started out as a response to our own dilemma, has grown into our own little slice of heaven we affectionately call our 'Hive'.

     You see here at the 'Hive', it's awesome when people love our polish & donating to so many great causes is inspirational, but it's the people we meet & the community we are building that gives us the most satisfaction.  We have met incredible people who have started wonderful charities and have connected with some incredible businesses.  We are all working together, supporting each other & raising each other up!

     We hope you look around our website, follow us on Instagram & hope you try some Bee-Polished.  Drop us a line, tell us about you & share Bee-Causes with your family & friends!

 We can do great things together because we Bee-Lieve!