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Welcome to Bee-Causes & Bee-Polished Awareness Nail Enamel

  • Are you a charity, group, team or business?
  • Looking for a unique awareness product that donates money to charity?
  • Do you love beauty products & enjoy engaging with your family & friends either on social media or in person?
  • Is philanthropy & giving back a priority in your life?
Starting Your Bee-Causes Business

Join our hive & start raising awareness & making money for your cause in a few easy steps!

1: Contact us & we’ll send you an order form.

2: Send us your re-seller certificate or 501(c)3 determination letter if you have one.
(we must charge sales tax if you do not have this)

3: Send us your completed order form along with payment and we will send you your polish.

4: Introduce Bee-Polished to your donors, community, friends, family, neighbors & everyone you know & start raising money for your group or business!

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