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A Philanthropic Beauty Company

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Bee-Causes - A Philanthropic Company

Bee-Causes is our vision to create something unique; a collaboration of business & charity integrated into one.

Why Bee-Causes?
1. We love Bee’s!  They are called social insects because all the bees in the community have to work together to be able to survive. Every bee is an integral part  of the colony & alone isn’t capable of much but together, creates a flourishing hive!

2. Causes~represent missions, teams, groups, occasions, themes, style or stories. The options are endless

With nail polish, we are integrating beauty with philanthropy.  17 years after founding & running the Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer, we know firsthand the difficulties of maintaining awareness & support.  Unique & innovative ways to engage supporters are limited.  Bee-Polished Awareness Nail Enamel is our solution.

Charities can host fundraisers, brides can create their own collections, teams can rally fan support or anyone can design their own collection.  Colors can represent causes, themes, teams or seasons.  The choice is yours & is supporting charity because we donate 10% of all sales.

No organization is too big or small to join us.

Some  partners who have joined our hive:

  • Children’s Tumor Foundation
  • Miss America
  • Miss New York
  • Miss Connecticut
  • Alzheimer’s Association California Central Coast
  • The Breasties
  • Vincent Ungaro 9/11 Foundation
  • Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer

We invite you to join our hive & let your fingers do the talking!

Image Bee-Causes - A Philanthropic CompanyBee-Causes - A Philanthropic Company

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