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A Philanthropic Beauty Co.

Team work makes the dream work!

We invite you to join our hive & show us your nails!

Bee-Causes - A Philanthropic Company

Bee-Causes is a philanthropic beauty company that created Bee-Polished Awareness Nail Enamel.  A  collaboration of business, charity & individuals enjoying colorful custom nail polish while raising awareness & funds for worthy causes.

Modeled after Bee’s & their hives, we believe working together for the benefit of everyone involved.  Every customer, charity & business, is an integral part of our ‘hive’ & helps us create a flourishing philanthropic business community with Bee-Polished!

 17 years after our family founded the Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer,  we were facing donor fatigue.  Unique & innovative ways to engage supporters were limited & costly. Bee-Causes &  Bee-Polished Awareness Nail Enamel is our solution.

Charities can host online fundraisers & social media campaigns engaging young & old & reach a larger audience via social media.

Brides can create a collection for themselves, bridesmaids or as a countdown reminder for an upcoming or rescheduled wedding.

Teams may not have stadiums filled with fans, but can rally fan loyalty while watching from home.

The choices are endless & the best is your color is supporting charity because we donate 10% of all sales.

Some  partners who have joined our hive:

  • National Pediatric Cancer Foundation
  • Medi-Teddy
  • Miss Florida Gator
  • Lisa F. Bridal Collection
  • Children’s Tumor Foundation
  • Miss America
  • Miss New York
  • Miss Connecticut
  • Alzheimer’s Association California Central Coast
  • The Breasties
  • Vincent Ungaro 9/11 Foundation
    • Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer
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