Bee-Social at Home

Staying at home has become the new norm for young & old. Even though life is starting to move towards what it once was, the warmer weather has ushered in more opportunities to be outside & leave our homes. With our new reality has come lots of new choices & ways of doing things. From grocery delivery to drive by celebrations one aspect that has affected almost everyone are haircuts & for those with long standing nail appointments. We each need to be comfortable with what we want & are able to do, but for many doing things for ourselves has seemed a better way to control who we are in contact with and how we do things.

Bee-Causes has been working very hard these past couple of months trying to adapt our business & to continue helping during this unprecedented time. We recently introduced a Bee-Social program where charities, groups, or anyone can host a Bee-Social campaign raising awareness & funds for charity. Choosing 2 colors from our inventory, you can name the colors & designate a charity you want to help. Through regular posting on social media promoting your Bee-Social kit, 15% of every sale is donated to your charity of choice. We currently have Bee-Social programs for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Miss Florida Gator, Medi-Teddy & Lisa F. from Say Yes To the Dress for first responders of the coronavirus. We sold out of our first campaign hosted by celebrity stylist Jeni Elizabeth who raised money for the Hartford Foundation with her ‘Nails for Nurses’ Bee-Social campaign.

We posted on our website two free downloadable guides on becoming a pen pal & hosting an at home recital for your family & friends. With some ideas & suggestions, it’s a way to navigate through staying at home & dealing with all the canceled visits & activities. Again, we are trying adapt & help.

We’ve also expanded our Bee-Polished product line to include nail treatments. As an alternative to nail salons, we now have treatments to repair & nourish nails while staying home & staying safe. Cruelty-free, ten-free & made in the USA, our products do not yellow your nails & help them achieve optimum health & beauty. We have had some devoted customers share with us that their nails are improving & they are saving money! They are happy to know the ingredients in their nail polish & they are enjoying their own stay at home nail spa experience.

Like everyone else, Bee-Causes is making the best of what has happened. We wish everyone good health, stress free living & awesome days ahead. Here’s to hoping you try Bee-Polished & show us your nails!