Feature Friday – @iflovecouldcurecancer

On the first Friday of every month we will feature one of the wonderful people we work with and the cause or organization that they have used Bee-Polished nail enamel as a fundraiser for! Be sure to go find them and give them a follow to see the journey they are on to make a difference!


Our first feature Friday is an amazing Instagram account: @iflovecouldcurecancer! Started in 2017 as a tribute to Hayes Tate and his fight against pediatric cancer, Zoe soon became an avid advocate for pediatric cancer awareness and started following the journey of many other families and children that were going through situations similar to Hayes. In 2018, she started sending packages to kids with cancer or other life-threatening conditions, along with their siblings, all over the U.S. She has been able to meet many of these children and bring them gifts in person as well. For Zoe, it has been life-changing.


At 16 years old, Zoe has been crafting these packages on her own and has to get creative with how she raises funds to supply the boxes that are so very loved and appreciated by these children and families going through such a tough time. She has recently teamed-up with Bee-Causes to help fund the supplies to make these boxes, and is excited to share more about her journey and her work with you over on Instagram at @iflovecouldcurecancer ! We are SO excited to be working with such a wonderful young woman and hope you will contribute to her fantastic campaigning by using the code “lovecures” when your check-out on www.beecauses.com !


Bee-Causes is excited to share this wonderful new partner with you. If you are interested in raising funds and awareness for your cause, please contact us so we can help you get your campaign started! Together we can help bring about change….one color, one cause, one nail at a time!