Brands are made up of products.   We recognize logos & advertising that represent the products they are trying to sell.  Sales are about marketing these products to us & these products make us feel good.  If we buy the expensive running shoe many believe it will make us fast & want to be associated with the star athletes who promote it.  Designer clothes, bags & shoes can make someone feel special.   There is massive amounts of research done about marketing brands to us by these international companies.   While there are many great products available, we have always had an affinity for local & small businesses.  Like buying groceries from the local market versus the big box supermarket, we like our shopping experience to be more about the people behind the product & the story they tell.

Bee-Causes is the epitome of the story, our story.   Our family has been through the ups & downs of life, as most people have, but these trials & tribulations became the impetus for action rather than an opportunity to turn inward & give up.   Our charity work & subsequent start of Bee-Causes is based upon firsthand experience.  Knowing how difficult it can be to raise awareness & funds for our charity (The Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer) for 17 years now, & learning that we were not alone in our quest to make a difference & give back we needed something different.   Just like big business, big charities have staff, many own buildings & have huge budgets to host large fundraisers & awareness campaigns.   Small local charities & businesses work from dining room tables with family & friends who devote hundreds of hours of time & at great expense to themselves in order to help others or offer different products.  Most smaller charities donate every dollar they raise to the causes they support.  Smaller charities don’t have big sponsors writing checks to help them expand & grow & overtime charity fatigue sets in with the eventual outcome being to shut down the charity.   It is a very sad day when a not for profit or small business has to abandon its mission or model, just because it’s unsustainable.

This challenge is our reason behind Bee-Causes & Bee-Polished Awareness Nail Enamel.  What if we were able to offer something different & sustainable to charities, teams, groups & even businesses?  Philanthropic nail polish that can help grow & support missions.  By donating 10% of all sales to charity we wanted the cornerstone of Bee-Causes to be about philanthropy.  Charities use Bee-Polished as their own fundraiser & awareness campaign & earn money for their mission. Businesses add Bee-Polished to their shops & either earn profits or donate some or all & know that no matter what choice they make,  selling Bee-Polished still supports charity.   People, groups & even some charities choose  to promote Bee-Polished to their followers & donors earning money for their cause or themselves while still supporting charity.   With lots of options it is our goal to change the way we shop & engage philanthropically. Wouldn’t it be great if all our purchases & products helped support causes?

We believe the best part is Bee-Polished is a cruelty-free, five free, (free of formaldehyde & other chemicals)  nail enamel that is made in the USA.  Change of seasons means more & new colors.  Nail treatments that help support healthy nails & the ability name your own names, even brides & event planners have found a unique & novel way to add philanthropy to their wedding or event.

To us, story matters.  While we work with national groups, we love supporting & working with local charities & local businesses.  Every one of these organizations starts with a story, their story.   Next time you meet a small business owner or charity member,  ask them what their story is.  It probably will make you feel good & may just inspire you!